From ‘Growing up with The Mother’ by Tara Didi

The Mother’s focus was on the learning of the children; She was not for learning of the adults to make money, which is what the SAES’ proposed engineering college would impart in violation of Her wishes and its own objectives. Please read the following together with the last post.

The Mother made an oral comment as well: I have told Tanmaya, I have found a project to get going the students that are here. I told him – all those students who want to learn to succeed in life and make money are not wanted here. We want only those who want to live a higher life. The children have to decide whether they want to belong to the new life or to be “successful” and live an ordinary life. I think that some of the children will go away …

I have signed copies. You will ask him to show you when he will come to you this evening.

This, this makes the situation absolutely clear.


30 January 1972

Page 73


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