Desperate moves by Pranjal Jauhar

Yesterday’s Delhi High Court hearing has definitely given a jolt to Pranjal Jauhar but the guy continues down the path of destroying his grandfather’s legacy. Instead of reconciling with the fact that the Matri store building into which he has inhumanly shoved Mirambika children in order to exploit Mirambika’s pre 14/4 ecosystem for his engg college (under show cause from DDA and being challenged by Sarvodaya Enclave residents), this afternoon, after threatening the diyas that he’ll close Mirambika if he loses the case before the Delhi High Court, he is reported to have dispatched a senior diya (more allergic to Mirambika Forever badges than Kamala Didi) and some of his known lackeys to the Delhi Fire Services office in an attempt to ‘convince, confuse or corrupt’ its officers for granting the fire safe clearance to that building- a building violating the National Building Code and existing on land allegedly not owned by the Ashram / Saes. It seems that expedition failed miserably. Now, even if he somehow manages to get the said fire safety clearance in contravention of the law, he is failing to understand that 1. the parent petitioners will question the legality of the same given that it would will expose their children to risk; 2. he still needs to demarcate the land parcels apparently owned / lease held by the Ashram / Saes and further needs to establish that the land parcel under the Matri store building can be used for a school; 3. an anti corruption NGO is ready with a  PIL on the foregoing matters; and 4. he, Aicte and Doe officials may soon face criminal legal action for conspiring to cheat the Mirambika children of their ecosystem. MAY GOD HELP HIM UNDERSTAND that his actions are not only illegal but sinful. He should watch MSG 2, relax and go back to rock n roll in Kechla for good.


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