Pranjal Jauhar asks the Diyas (Ashramite voluntary teachers) to threaten the parents with closure of Mirambika

Instead of rectifying his 14/4 and 1/7 arrogant blunders, Pranjal Jauhar is reported to have asked the same Diyas (Ashramite voluntary teachers), the child of whose 34 years of blood & sweat ‘Mirambika’ has been mercilessly targeted by him for utilitarian consumption to promote his pet engineering college (after shifting Mirambika into illegal unsafe premises on 14/4 and 1/7) to threaten the Mirambika parents with closure of Mirambika due to its relocation (which occurred due to his blunders) into an illegal unsafe premises since 14/4. Again, the manipulator is deliberately creating confusion. Mirambika cannot close down at his whim and fancy because it has its pre 14/4 original legal & safe place to go back to, which is what the protesting parents are demanding. He forgets that the 1991 Mirambika building is under a court stay and his proposal to run am engineering college from there is under DDA’s Show Cause Notice.

Instead of getting the Diyas to engage in a vain exercise to protect his childish conduct, he should listen to Tara Didi and others and immediately restore Mirambika to its pre 14/4 original legal & safe place. If he takes any further direct or indirect action to close Mirambika, he’ll be inviting (i) criminal legal action against himself, AICTE officials, etc for collusion in treating and approving the Mirambika building as a building for engineering college even while the school was in session from there; (ii) an application to the Delhi High Court to enforce its own order directing SAES to demarcate the three parcels of land (Ashram land, MIS land & Mirambika land) illegally amalgamated by the Ashram, which will help establish on which parcel of land the Matri store building is; and (iii) a PIL from an NGO bringing into the public domain the encroachment of about 6 acres of public land by the Ashram.

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