As Pranjal Jauhar led SAES smothers Mirambika, integral education gets a foothold in Gurgaon

TOI Gurgaon Matri Kiran

While some years ago SAES suddenly shut MIRA Nursery & Matri Karuna Vidyalaya run from the same illegal & unsafe premises where Mirambika has been dumped into by Pranjal Jauhar now (in preparation to meet the same fate but for the legal & peaceful resistance by the parents), someone promoted Matri Kiran School in Gurgaon for imparting integral education, which (integral education = 34 year old Mirambika) is now being ridiculed by some SAES representatives as a failed experiment. While pushing that ridicule further even before the Court through well paid lawyers, Pranjal still wants to exploit the goodwill associated with Mirambika to set up the cash cow = engineering college even as hundreds of similar colleges are being shut down and many 100 thousands of engineers find no suitable employment in India.

We pray to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother to show some light to Pranjal and request Tara Didi to help him meditate at the Samadhi to be able to see and follow that light.

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