Fearing the rule of law, Pranjal Jauhar asks Diyas to deliver parents for his cause

The guy is so full of ego or not just brave enough to have a face to face dialogue with the parents to resolve the dispute created by his wrong moves that he is refusing to accept the reality of the legal quagmire that dispute is gradually sinking Sri Aurobindo Ashram, SAES and the Mother’s International School into. He was so confident of manipulating the Court process till the last hearing on 17th Sept that he had K Di, J Di, KRPD Gang and his other lackeys breathing down the necks of the protesting parents to give up the protest and the case as – according to him – the judge had already told the petitioner parents that they had no case and he had every right to move the school anywhere as per his whim and fancy. With non compliance regarding fire safety and the ownership and user of the land upon which the Matri store building was built (and the sanctioned plan needed for it) which he chose for dumping Mirambika – dogging his defense, he is now hiding behind petticoats and tugging them to steer the wearers in the direction of destruction that he appears to be destined to take credit for. When some Diyas don’t listen, he threatens them with closure of Mirambika as if he is the law unto himself. He should know that de-recognition or closure of Mirambika is not a prayer of the parents and so not an issue before the Court. Mirambika has a legal and safe place to go back to and run without him for good. If he directly or indirectly tries to close Mirambika before or after it is shifted back to its pre 14/4 location, he’ll be in contempt of the Court and the parents will make sure that he does not go unpunished this time. His conduct may force the parents to (a) lodge a criminal complaint against him, AICTE & DOE officials for conspiring to close down Mirambika; and (b) file a public interest litigation seeking investigation into the public land allegedly encroached upon by Sri Aurobindo Ashram. May Tara Didi help him see reason and stop him from destroying the legacy of her father.

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