Is Sri Aurobindo Delhi Ashram illegally occupying about 6 acres of govt land?

Save Mirambika

To see the report with supporting attachments, please click Land Tangle (1)

Report without attachments is as follows:

Sri Aurobindo Ashram complex or Ashram campus, consists of three separate, distinct and independent plots of land.

  • Mirambika Land: 9.84 acre allotted by DDA vide two separate lease deeds (a) five acres  for “college building” and (b) 4.84 acre for playground
  • Mother’s International School Land: Total land allotted 10.28 acres However, due to court case, etc., only 9.28 acre land is with MIS. In the link above there is a relevant extract from the reply to our related RTI query.
  • Ashram Land: DDA joint Inspection was carried out on 17th April, 2015 and the related report dated 22nd April, 2015 is set out in the link above.

From the documents extracted in the link above, it is clear that the Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi Branch (SAA-DB) did not have   any…

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