Petticoat Joey anoints Jedi to threaten and blackmail Mirambika’s protesting parents

After mercilessly suppressing the Kalinga Gentles and realizing that Bijlu, Kedi aka Mirth Insidious and his Devil’s Advocates, had goofed up big time in handling the Hi Kurt matter where his defeat even by the Ruse of Flaw is imminent, Tormentor Petticoat Joey has now fielded the non-resident Anarchic Traveler aka Jedi to enforce his diktat using the threat of school closure and emotional blackmail against the more vulnerable parents i.e., those with children studying in in-between classes. In her own country, Jedi would be in jail for such misconduct.

You would recall that Kedi aka Mirth Insidious is Petticoat Joey’s most senior Dementor and she has always been fearful of the rise and validation of the Kalinga Gentles. Indeed, the Head of the Kalinga Gentles was used as a shield by Tormentor Petticoat Joey and presented as one of the leading Generals during the Shift Wars until she was sidelined by Kedi — with the help of Jedi particularly after the Kalinga Gentles retreated into meditation while Kedi – Jedi delved deeper into machinations.

Jedi is now feared throughout the school as the merciless enforcer of the despotic ruler of the Chachacy, Tormentor Petticoat Joey. Her Far Cry is “Mirambika Shall Not Go Back To Being Legal, Accept My King’s Illegal Actions Or He’ll Close Mirambika.” Just like Emm2, Ummah, the deceptively mild faced new leader of the Psychophants, is supporting her with her acid tongue and venomous finger tips, hoping to preserve a place of profit for Hubbah in Tormentor Petticoat Joey’s court.

These pseudo followers of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother don’t realize that the All Seeing is watching and tomorrow October 13th, 2015 will be another tough day in Hi Kurt for Tormentor Petticoat Joey and his fellow scamsters. Mirambika will not close come what may (its reputation gets Ashram funds and donations aplenty, and without its name being pre-fixed to the engineering college – no CSR contributions would have come for that lunatic fantasy); Ashram will have to explain its encroachment of 6 acre plus of public land; and the engineering college will be consigned to files for good. Just one man standing with the weight of law behind him can accomplish that. If Tormentor Petticoat Joey makes the Mirambika children and their Diyas (and parents of the children) suffer any more by keeping them in an illegal and unsafe space, an apocalypse awaits his dreams.


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