What could be the underlying reason for the crisis that besets Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi Branch?

Maybe the 2J-brothers look at the Ashram, the Mother’s International School, the Mirambika Free Progress School and the parcels of land upon which these are situate and surrounded by and the money they generate (including tax free donations from poor and rich Ashram followers who do not suspect the hands the Ashram has fallen into, foreign contributions by showing of Mirambika – while undermining it, incomes from fee generating activities such as yoga, psychology, etc courses – all allegedly without paying Service tax) as their inherited personal property / the legacy of their late grandfather S N Jauhar, late uncle A K Jauhar and living aunt Tara Jauhar. The 2J-brothers want to somehow divide, control and manage this fiefdom. The so undeserving think so (unfortunately they are the only successors / heirs in the third generation though their dad was apparently a rebel against / an outcast from the family) despite their late grandfather S N Jauhar having donated the Kalu Sarai land to the Ashram he established with the permission and blessing of the Mother. Add to this the Rs 5000 / acre leasehold land (9.84 acre) the Sri Aurobindo Education Society got from the DDA by representing that it would be used to propagate the philosophy and teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, the land similarly obtained for the Mother’s International School and a further about 6 acres of public land encroached upon by the Ashram. The division between the the 2J-brothers needs more income generation activities / assets to balance out the control and management of this fiefdom. One will control the Ashram; the other will control the Mother’s International School. The difference between the Ashram’s earnings  + value of land in its possession (say 100) and the earnings from the Mother’s International School + value of land in its possession  (say 20) has to be made good by creating another high income generating asset. Therefore, PJ is indeed trying to make ‘his hidden ends meet’ by kicking Mirambika children out into the shaky fire hazard barracks and then crying out to thrust an engineering college into the original Mirambika building. In all this, Sri Aurobindo has become ‘mere Aurobindo’ for PJ instructed lawyers  and PJ led Sri Aurobindo Education Society feels no shame in abandoning the philosophy and teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother to claim before the Delhi High Court that it need not run Mirambika or any other school  – based the philosophy and teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Thanks to the 9 + 36 parent petitioners, that PJ approach will turn out to be a Poor Joke indeed!


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