Mirambika will not admit children in the Red Group for 2016-17

That indeed is the message being conveyed by PJ oppressed & suppressed Diyas to send a signal that the school is closing down. What reasons do the poor Diyas give? “We are busy fighting the court case initiated by the parents and have no time to look after new children.” That’s a PJ indeed! What is the PJ – Acharya – Bijlani Gang and their lawyer doing if the Diyas are fighting that case? In any case, perhaps confident the the PJ – Acharya – Bijlani Gang’s underhand tactics will prevail over case facts & law, JeDi and Spoons have long been telling the parents that they should agree not to appeal from the Delhi HC order – which is still to be pronounced! Some even wrote that over All Mbk email. Such is the courage & conviction of these cheats. In the pursuit of their ulterior motives, they don’t give a damn to the philosophy or teachings of Sri Aurobindo & the Mother. Their nemesis has just begun!


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