Save Mirambika: Justice is not blind, Petticoat Joey’s team has its tail between its legs – a report

Save Mirambika

Report later.


Dear Readers, please keep the following in mind:
(i) On 18th Nov 2015, almost 3 weeks after Mirambika Management Committee decided to stop admissions, parent petitioners had filed an application for interim relief that prayed for the Judge to require Mirambika to admit fresh students next year .
(ii) On 20th Nov 2015 the Judge rejected this application of the parent petitioners relying on SAES statements that it was not planning to close the school. In his related order the Judge directed SAES to inform the DoE, if it wanted to stop admissions, that it intended to close Mirambika.
Now, here are the main points from the Court proceedings of yesterday afternoon:
a. The Judge asked PJ / SAES lawyer whether Mirambika planned to proceed with nursery admissions for 2016-17. He replied that admissions would be kept in abeyance for the time being. The Judge then asked  whether…

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