Court makes Petticoat Joey / SAES eat humble pie on admissions into Mirambika

Save Mirambika

Great news for the lovers of Mirambika; the Mother’s blessing (and indeed the blessings of late Shri Surendranath Jauhar & late Shri Anil Kumar Jauhar, which Ms Tara Jauhar kept alive till Petticoat Joey inherited the Gaddi solely by virtue of his birth) for it has begun to manifest itself once again despite Petticoat Joey’s machinations. In order to execute his plan to replace Mirambika with an engineering college, faced with legal & peaceful opposition from parents of Mirambika children, he had abused his position as SAES vice-chair to bully the dependant on the Ashram Diyas and influenced others present on Mirambika Management Committee to decide that Mirambika shall take no fresh admissions in 2016-17. With that one devilish stroke, he was going to kill two classes of this wonderful school – one at the entry level and the other passing out – and in this devious way he would…

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