Virulent Brawl goes neck grabbing

Universally despised except by his Aaaka Petticoat Joey and maybe those dependant on him, if any, Virulent Brawl chose to go for the neck of a parent petitioner with both his dirty hands on Mirambika Sports’ Day when, in the Sports’ Day spirit, the ever so polite latter reached out to shake hands and hug those supporting Petticoat Joey and SAES against the parent petitioners. Many parents saw what happened and some Diyas too are aware of it.¬†Virulent Brawl disappeared from the scene immediately thereafter but is reported to have been captured in the act on a friendly cellphone camera even if doctored out from his Aaka’s Paranoid CCTV Channel. May he find a Slumdog street for such displays of what he learnt from his Aaka as Mirambika Roll No. 1.

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