Diyas will leave if the petitioner parents win: PJ lackey ex-Mirambika Parent

Close to PJ and currently rather idle as she does not have the job she coveted at his engg college now stuck due to DDA action, she made a guest appearance and tried to mingle with the petitioner parents the day before when they were at the Court. Already chickening out at the prospect of her dear PJ losing the case and being ordered to restore Mirambika back at the location where it was recognised by the DoE in 1989, she indulged in PJ’s favourite game with some petitioner parents ie fear mongering. She went bwak-bwok-bok that if the petitioner parents win, the Diyas would leave Mirambika within a month. We have called many such PJ bluffs in the last 9 months and would be happy to shoot one more down. However, she may well have been conveying PJ’s ‘Plan B’ for closing Mirambika but if if the lackey and her master haven’t still understood the resolve of the petitioner parents, may God help them! If PJ has such a Plan B as the lackey blurted out,  SAES / the Ashram should better be prepared to defend its reported encroachment of over 6 acres of public land (PIL ready to be filed) and the 9.84 acres leased from the DDA. If even one Diya is forced out of Mirambika by PJ, we’ll use all legal means to get the land parcels demarcated as already ordered by the Court, get DDA to acquire back its land not being used as represented to it by SAES (when it got the same leased to itself) and that in turn will make SAES lose over 16 acres of land. So PJ Babu don’t play the music that you won’t like to hear back and more of!


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