Court case last hearing on 2/2/16

Lawyer for the petitioner parents wanted to mention and close the matter yesterday ie 21/1/16 but the Court Master told her that the Judge had declined to list the matter on 21/1/16 and already posted it for 2/2/16. That gives PJ a few more days to get his Changus to lobby and spread rumours. That and justice delayed may evoke a bolder legal attack from the petitioner parents.

Meanwhile, exiled Mirambika children continue to huddle on in open classrooms in the badly designed “new building” dating back to 1957……….with no protection against the bitter cold other than words from the Diyas that “……………it’s all in the mind……………the spirit is there.” To add to the misery of the bitter cold, under PJ quality of the food given to the children has really suffered; it’s stale and or odd once or twice every week. A little bird has been tweeting that the contractor residing within the Ashram is raking in moolah by supplying under-weight and poor quality food material. The foregoing needs to be investigated.

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