Mirambika receives 373 applications for admission into the Red Group

This has happened despite active discouragement by PJ & Gang. There are reports that (1) some parents who sought a clarification or two about the application were brushed off or sent on a wild goose chase; (2) EWS admission is possible to be brokered through an old blabbering keeper of the school gate; (3) a sibling admission has been verbally discouraged / denied as the family lives in a locality not fancied by SAES; (4) children of PJ’s chamchas have been assured of admission in the Mother’s International School as and when they choose to leave Mirambika; and (5) some petitioner parents – whose children would be exiting from the senior-most class of Mirambika (as SAES is now refusing to support Mirambika children preparing for the 10th Board exams through NIOS) – have been told that their children will not be admitted into the Mother’s International School come what way. Clearly, PJ led SAES is hell bent on inviting more legal action and that invitation will be honoured if SAES does not immediately mend its ways!





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