Ms SarKoDi: Shall I order a pizza for you?

Trying times indeed! The other say some girls told the chief lady supporter of an engineering college in place of Mirambika, Ms SarKoDi (neither a Sarkozy relative nor a Shakespearean Jew, loved and respected like a mother by most Mirambikans until she turned unreasonably hostile in favour of PJ) that they were hungry as the food in the dining hall had finished before their turn. While that’s not unexpected under the donation fed PJ led SAES,  Ms SarKoDi asked these girls:

‘Shall I order a pizza for you?’

Alas! The boys took that as an offer and nodded their unsolicited approval – anticipating a mouth watering treat. None came forth and the kids – True Mirambikans – overcame their hunger pangs by engaging themselves in some activities. The case would have closed there but Ms SarKoDi reported these kids to their parents as ‘asking for a pizza!’ To her unaffected thick skin, all the kids – True Mirambikans indeed – politely rebutted her lies with the truth of the matter.

We feel sorry for Ms SarKoDi and pray to Lord Ayappa to prod her toward the right path and help her regain the love and respect that most Mirambikans had for her until she gave up her Diya Dharma to support PJ’s Adharma. Amen! Om!

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