Mirambika Parents Rep Election – a page from the history with no comment

From: Nalini Dhariwal <nalini.dhariwal@gmail.com>
Subject: {Mirambika All Parents} The Ability to Let Go
Date: 26 May 2015 at 9:05:11 AM IST
To: mirambika@googlegroups.com” <mirambika@googlegroups.com>

The ones who signed the impleadment and continue to stick by it, I believe that we demonstrate:
  • the ability to let go of positions caused by the sudden 14th April move
  • the ability to forgive mistakes that often we all make out of fear
  • the ability to accept change and look forward to a new future
  • the ability to Trust management to do the right thing whether or not that takes us back to the old building
  • the ability to deal with ambiguity
I am proud to know that there is such a large group of people like that in Mirambika and I am sure the teachings of Mirambika have helped us in this.
Thank you the 50+ parents who continue to stand tall.

“The first principle of education is that nothing can be taught” – Sri Aurobindo
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