Understanding Corporal Punishment To Not Indulge In or Prevent It At Mirambika

A few Diyas at Mbk either under duress from the Ashram – SEAS or due to their dislike for the legal action initiated by the petitioner parents against SEAS (for the illegal shift of Mbk into Ashram land to make way for an engineering college) are reportedly engaging in certain questionable behaviour against the children of the petitioner parents. Their / SEAS’ obvious aim is to coerce these children into asking their parents to take them out of Mbk so that the legal action is left with no interested supporters. However, we will not give in to such tactics and fight on at least till the Supreme Court of India.

We wish to warn SEAS that according to the Guidelines for Abolition of Corporal Punishment,Corporal Punishment covers the following behaviour of the Teacher:

4.3 Mental harassment is understood as any non-physical treatment that is detrimental to the academic and psychological well-being of a child. It includes but is not restricted to the following:
4.3.1 Sarcasm that hurts or lowers the child’s dignity;
4.3.2 Calling names and scolding using humiliating adjectives, intimidation;
4.3.3 Using derogatory remarks for the child, including pinning of slogans;
4.3.4 Ridiculing the child with regard to her background or status or parental occupation or caste;
4.3.5 Ridiculing the child with regard to her health status or that of the family – especially HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis;
4.3.6 Belittling a child in the classroom due to his/her inability to meet the teacher’s expectations of academic achievement;
4.3.7 Punishing or disciplining a child not recognising that most children who perform poorly in
academics are actually children with special needs. Such children could have conditions like learning disability, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, mild developmental delay etc.;
4.3.8 Using punitive measures to correct a child and even labelling him/her as difficult; such as a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder who may not only fare poorly in academics, but also pose a problem in management of classroom behaviours;
4.3.9 ‘Shaming’ the child to motivate the child to improve his performance;
4.3.10 Ridiculing a child with developmental problems such as learning difficulty or a speech disorder, such as, stammering or speech articulation disorder.

SEAS must forthwith counsel and stop the Diyas in question from engaging in such behaviour. After a brief watch, we will be constrained to report against and name the Diyas meting out Corporal Punishment to our children.


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