Stay against changing the original Mirambika Building to an Engg College continues….

…..if not, SEAS should carry out the construction work at the original Mirambika building under the Sun instead of taking assistance from a few Bhakt and profiteering parents to nocturnally change that building. Follow Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, act boldly in light!

SEAS hasn’t won and Insha-allah shall not win the case initiated by the petitioner parents to restore Mirambika back into its rightful ecosystem. The Division Bench which heard the appeal of the petitioners from the order of Justice Endlaw has merely sent the matter to another single judge, Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva, while clearly stating that the order (of Justice Endlaw) shall not be binding. See dhc-order-dated-12-08-2016-in-lpa-448-of-2016

Here’s for the Bhakt & profiteering parents

Ped Katne Aaye Hai Kuch Log,
Mere Sahar Me,
Abhi Dhup Bahut Tej Hai Kahkar Uski Chaav Me Baithe Hai…

पेड़ काटने आये हैं कुछ लोग,
मेरे शहर मे,
अभी धूप बहुत तेज है कहकर उसकी छाँव में बैठे हैं…

After damaging the Tree of Mirambika while supporting SEAS’ illegal actions to cut it branches and suffocate its roots………. to take away the shade, space, freedom, facilities and joys of the children gathered under it, many such woodcutter parents have transferred their children into MIS and other schools and vanished over the last 16 months…………so the only true believers in Free Progress Education and the true caretakers of Mirambika are the petitioner parents and their children studying in Mirambika.

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