Mirambika teachers verbally conveying that its management will close V, VI, VII & VII classes

After having managed to close Mirambika’s IX and X classes last year following the same sinister strategy, Sri PJ Aasaaraam Education Society (difficult to call it Sri Aurobindo Education Society any more) holding over Rs 17 crores ( Rs 170 mn) in surplus in earnings from the Mother’s International School or MIS (run in part like Mirambika by unpaid parent volunteers and Ashramites) and the recipient of crores in Rupees and USD – Euro – UKP donations in the name of Mirambika (name exploited for various purposes) is threatening to close Mirambika’s V, VI, VII & VII classes to force the petitioner parents to move their kids out.

Just as in its Court order aborted attempt to close the Nursery last year, it has given nothing in writing this time too but some senior teachers who are also a part of the school management have been holding meetings with parents to verbally convey that “due to a lack of resources” the management has decided to close Mirambika’s V, VI, VII & VII classes. This lack of resources is being explained as resulting from the retirement of some seniors teachers and, in one hilarious instance, a senior teacher having decided to pursue higher studies at Sri PJ Aasaaraam. In some cases these meetings have the ‘bad’ parent petitioners sitting with the ‘good’ PJ boot-lickers with the latter supporting the management’s ‘unwritten wise’ decision. Its no secret that in exchange for their ‘goodness’ the latter also have been plied with assurances of walk in admission for their kids in MIS and the same benefit is also available to some ambassadors of the management who have been calling on parents at home for scaremongering to realise the management’s cause:  get the parent petitioners to withdraw their kids from school, downsize the school, diminish opposition to the Sri PJ Aasaaraam Engineering College being sought to be housed in the building, facilities and space Mirambika was recognised in / with the Department of Education, Govt. of Delhi, exploit the Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s fame for earning big bucks.

Lets see how long PJ can continue with this game of Plausible Deniability and not be liable for the actions being committed by his serfs.


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