The Delhi High Court case hearing – this morning…

….Justice V K Rao recused himself from the matter due to some conflict. The next hearing before the new Judge will be on the coming Valentine Day. On or before that date, the Dept of Edu, Govt of Delhi (DoE), will file its revised affidavit stating that upon inspection its been found that the Sri Aurobindo Education Society (SAES) does not have ownership of the land on which the new building exists and that the said building does not meet the DoE requirements for a school. Recall that the new building is where the Mirambika children were shoved into by Pranjal Jauhar led SAES after their first overnight relocation to the residential Ashram premises.

Some questions:

  1. The suspended DoE officer who winked at the overnight relocation etc of Mirambika did not act alone. What action will be taken against those SAES representatives including Pranjal Jauhar and the School Principal who colluded with that officer, submitted false documents, statements, etc upon which that officer relied without due diligence?
  2.  Since SAES does not have ownership of the land on which the new building exists, who owns that land? Is it public land encroached upon by the Ashram?
  3. Since SAES does not have ownership of the land on which the new building exists, how did MCD permit building construction upon it? Would MCD demolish that building now and act against its officers who permitted such illegal construction?
  4. If indeed public land has been encroached upon by the Ashram, isn’t the contention of the neighbouring residential colonies true that the Begumpur Road is narrower than its planned width on paper because of the Ashram’s boundary covering land far in excess of its freehold and leasehold plots?
  5. Will DDA repossess the 9.84 acres of land leased by it to SAES as SAES has violated the terms of lease by moving Mirambika out of it in order to open an engg college as established by the exchange between AICTE and SAES?
  6. What action would be taken against AICTE officials who colluded with SAES and ignored complaints and representations regarding the existence of Mirambika in the building they inspected and approved for the engg college?
  7. When will the various freehold and leasehold parcels of land within the Ashram boundary be demarcated with clear indication of their permitted user so that the mess created by SAES this time is not repeated?
  8. Will the Delhi High Court issue contempt notice in respect of the violation of its stay order by SAES as it has partly altered the original Mirambika building for an engg college?

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