Has PJ mis-lead Sri Aurobindo Delhi Ashram to lose some long encroached land?

The last DoE inspection report concerning the new disputed building and location of Mirambika records that SAES / the school does not have ownership papers for the land on which the new disputed building exists. Such inspection was necessitated to determine whether this building was compliant with the original DoE recognition related documents for Mirambika. Had PJ not shifted Mirambika to this building riding on the DDA threat red herring to create space for don’t know how procured AICTE approval for an engineering college in Mirambika’s legal campus, in violation of law and in connivance with the then DoE officials and on the suicidal advice of his great lawyers and demi-jurists, perhaps no one would have sought ownership papers for the land on which it exists. Based on the last DoE inspection report, the authorities concerned with encroachment of public land are duty bound to investigate further and act against the Ashram. They may even repossess the land as per records available with the concerned Registrar. This means that out the 30 odd acres of three parcels of un-demarcated land held by the Ashram, PJ has put about 5 to 6 acres of land currently in possession of the Ashram, without any ownership papers, at grave risk.

While the AAP Govt in Delhi is proceeding apace to rid the DoE and the Delhi Fire Service of corruption and restore Mirambika to its legal campus, its high time that the BJP Govt at the Centre does the same with AICTE, which helped PJ led SAES to squeeze out Mirambika from its legal campus despite timely knowledge and information provided by the aggrieved parties about how that legal campus meant for Mirambika was illegally vacated. Its a tragedy that close to PM Modi unveiling Sri Aurobindo’s statue in Paris, the exploiters of the Swami’s name colluded and conspired with Govt agencies, realtors and financiers to kill a school full of happy children.


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