Delhi HC matter: DoE moves to withdraw its counter affidavit which favoured SAES as against the Mirambika parents


DoE has filed the above application before the Delhi HC to withdraw the said affidavit because:

  1. averments made therein are not in consonance with records available……rather contrary in nature;
  2. in the interest of justice its is appropriate to withdraw the same; and
  3. correct facts need to be put on record……………….so that the matter may be decided correctly.

Specifically, the DoE has stated in the application that:

  1. the school building and location has been wrongly submitted in the said affidavit;
  2. recognition to Mirambika was granted on DDA leased land of 5 acres (for the building) and 4.84 acres (for the playground); and
  3. the Essentiality Certificate was based on 2 above.

This DoE application marks the beginning of the end for SAES’ sinister plans to kill Mirambika and foist an engineering college in its place. It also places on record that the SAES does not have ownership papers relating to the land on which the new building for stuffing the Mirambika children was made. Other concerned govt agencies now need to act further based on the said information.

For more, please read the attached DoE application.


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