SAES seeking self-serving affidavits / undertakings from Mirambika nursery admission applicants…

….stating that

  • the School may close at any time due to de-recognition by the Dept of Education
  • SAES will not be responsible for such closure of the School
  • Parents will not seek admission for their children in MIS / Mother’s International School on the ground that SAES manages both Mirambika as well as MIS

Well done, Pinocchio! This is exactly the kind of legal advice you acted upon on 14th April 2015. Carry on, Pinocchio, turn your legacy and dream into a living nightmare. Even the Mother’s blessing can’t save you, Ever Lying Bully, now.

Meanwhile, senior teachers have been pressed into service to discourage various applicants using the non-existent DoE threat to de-recognise Mirambika even though as late as yesterday the DoE lawyer submitted before the Delhi High Court that the DoE wants the School to run from the premises where it was recognised back in 1988. Coupled with MIS admission tests being conducted on the sly for children of Pinocchio’s select boot-lickers and spineless neutrals ie mute witness to the injustice done to Mirambika children, the SAES strategy is clear; induce attrition in Mirambika student numbers and take max benefit from having shifted the School into illegal premises build on encroached public land. The Delhi Govt knows this well and whatever lobbying Charria & De-mon may engage in for SAES, the CBI enquiry is unavoidable. In fact, along with Pinocchio’s, their own movements and communications (with fixers, babus, judges, etc) will be under scrutiny.



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