SAES announces Mirambika Institute of Science & Technology…..

….in a hush hush move after going all out but failing to hush up the Mirambika Free Progress School, in a blatant disregard of the Delhi High Court’s status quo order dated 6/5/2015, SAES this morning unfurled a banner at Mirambika school’s gate for the said Institute. An AICTE inspection and or inauguration party was secretly ushered into the Mirambika school building and some inspection and or inauguration conducted even as the petitioner parents and some Sarvodaya Enclave residents protested peacefully outside the inner campus gate. SAES had earlier written to the Deputy Commissioner of Police concerned and obtained uniformed policemen to scare the peaceful protesters. The Police officer present was shown the Delhi High Court’s status quo order dated 6/5/2015 as well as its order dated 8/7/2016 dismissing SAES application seeking vacation of the status quo order but he did not even go inside the Mirambika school building. He was seen and heard reporting to and receiving constant instructions over the phone.

A Didi was seen mocking the peaceful protesters from inside the illegal building. Another Didi was seen photographing the peaceful protesters from behind the gate. When these tactics did not excite the peaceful protesters, both these more loyal than the king protectors of  the 47 year plus Baby PJ the law breaker, came out to loudly ask them to leave. A finger pointing heated discussion followed between them and some parents and, in a clever move, after having got the same recorded by the already under SAES influence policemen present, both the Mother Hens returned to the barracks.

PJ’s resolve to kill Mirambika is sinister but remarkable in the face of the opposition mounted by the petitioner parents, the Court and the regulators. The petitioner parents have pledged to meet it with all legal means and, if required, drag SAES to the Supreme Court of India.


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