SAES rechristens its aborted MRICIEHV engineering college to MIST to get AICTE approval in breach of the Delhi HC’s status quo order

Mirambika Institute of Science &Technology (MIST) is the same old rancid wine “Mirambika Research Centre of Integral Education and Human Values or MRICIEHV” bottled by Sri Aurobindo Education Society (SAES) in a new bottle. Read on.

  1. In early 2015,  SAES sought AICTE approval for setting up an Engineering college in the name of MRICIEHV.
  1. AICTE granted SAES approval for MRICIEHV vide communication dated 30th April,2015, despite complaints about concealment of material facts by SAES.
  1.  AICTE instituted a One Man Justice Committee, under the chairmanship of Justice Tiberwal, which submitted its report on 14th May,2015.
  1. The High Court of Delhi vide order dated 6.05.2015 ordered “Status quo” with regard to the building where Mirambika Free Progress School was housed prior to 14th April, 2015 as follows:

“In the meanwhile, the Respondents shall maintain status quo as to the premises in which the School was housed prior to 14.04.2015.”

  1. On 15th May, 2015, SAES filed an application in the High Court of Delhi praying that the Court

“a.Set aside, discharge and vacate the order dated 06.05.2015, to the extent the Respondents have been directed to maintain status quo with respect to the premises in which the school was housed prior to 14.04.2015.”

  1. SAES’ above application dated 15th May, 2015 was dismissed vide order dated 8th July, 2016 by the High Court of Delhi. Thus, the Status quo order dated 06.05.2015 is still in operation with respect to the premises in which the school was housed prior to 14.04.2015.
  1. These facts were brought to the knowledge of the concerned officials in AICTE.
  1. It now appears that SAES, in active connivance & collusion with the concerned AICTE officials has again applied to AICTE as a FRESH CASE UNDER THE NAME “MIST” for permission to set up an Engineering college, on the same site, in the same premises regarding which the Hon’ble High court has passed the Status quo order. As mentioned above, the Hon’ble Court has also dismissed SAES’ application to set aside, discharge and vacate the Status quo order dated 6.05.2015. Therefore, the entire process currently being undertaken by SAES with AICTE is fraudulent and requires investigated.
  1. On 18th March, 2017, SAES surreptitiously put up a hoarding of Mirambika Institute of Science & Technology or MIST on the wire meshed gate which connects three parcels of land (a) Sri Aurobindo Ashram, (b) Mother’s International school, and (b) Mirambika Free Progress School (the area under the Status quo order of the Hon’ble Delhi High Court) and got the same premises inspected by officials of AICTE and the GGSIP University.
  1. The said inspection violates and mocks (a) the Delhi High Court Status quo order dated 6th May,2015, (b) the Order passed by Delhi High Court on 8th July,2016 by which the application of SAES for vacation of the Status quo order dated 6th May,2015 was rejected, and (c) the Order dated 14th May, 2015 by One Man Justice Committee.
  1. It is clear that SAES has made an attempt to mislead AICTE and in active collusion and connivance with the key officials of AICTE violated the Status quo order passed by the High Court of Delhi.
  1. The building and land from where the Mirambika school was forcibly vacated by SAES, was to be used for MRICIEHV in 2015 and now, in a blatant attempt to circumvent the Delhi High Court Status quo order dated 06.05.2015, for MIST, which is nothing but a rechristened MRICIEHV.
  1. On 5th January, 2017, the Delhi Govt ordered:

(a) Physical inspection and document inspection of the building and land where the School is currently running, within two working days……………

(b) Withdrawal of affidavit, filed by Directorate of Education before the Delhi High Court; and

(c) Immediate suspension of concerned officer(s)….

  1. Thereafter, vide order dated 15th February, 2017, it was further directed by the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi to
  • Remove the nominees of the Directorate and the Advisory Board on the Management Committee of Mirambika school and replace them with new nominees;
  • Criminal investigation of the entire matter of the shift of premises of Mirambika School and the role played by officials of the Directorate of Education. The investigation should include (but not limited to) the following act of omission and commission: inspections of Mirambika School, providing information on Mirambika School in response to RTI application, filing the affidavits in Hon’ble High Court, approving the shift of students to Mother’s International School, formation of the inspection teams. Case to be referred to Central Bureau of Investigation for a fair, impartial and through investigation.
  1. Since the Mirambika school shifting matter is being probed by CBI, the SAES request for grant of approval by AICTE , in a different name (MIST), is malafide; if the approval sought by SAES is granted by AICTE ignoring the High Court of Delhi’s Status quo order dated 6.05.2015 and the CBI enquiry ordered by the Delhi Govt., concerned AICTE officials would be inviting serious troubles for themselves and their organisation.






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