#SaveMirambika – SAES playing victim before the Red & Blue Group parents

With most of the PJ chamchas, Interweiners and so called #HappyAtMirambika twee-parents having withdrawn their children from Mirambika (some of these children have been given admission in MIS in breach of DoE guidelines for mid term admissions and advertisement of vacancies), the unprincipled support for SAES cause in the Court has dwindled significantly. At the same time, the petitioner parents are holding on to Mirambika with very little attrition in the number of their children continuing in Mirambika against all odds including staff de-resourcing by SAES, threats of classes 6th – 7th – 8th shutting down, victimisation of their children by yet to grow up PJ’s Ashram based mothers, etc. Even the very few petitioner parents forced to withdraw their children from Mirambika are contributing time, effort and money toward the #SaveMirambika campaign. To balance the equation, SAES cronies are now busy influencing parents of the Red & Blue Group children against the petitioner parents. These Red & Blue Group parents need to understand the following. Firstly, their children could join Mirambika only because the #SaveMirambika campaign legally forced SAES to admit children into these groups in 2015-16 & 2016-17. Secondly, they have little or no experience of the Mirambika as it stood till 14/4/2015 and the restoration of which is being fought for by the petitioner parents. Thirdly, the petitioner parents have not removed their children from Mirambika and are fighting for its continuance for generations of children including the present Red & Blue Group children. Fourthly, most SAES cronies trying to influence them have already withdrawn their children from Mirambika. Fifthly, Mirambika’s present location is illegal (the land on which the new building is situated does not belong to SAES and is not earmarked for the purpose of a school by law) and that renders it vulnerable to de-recognition by the DoE. Lastly, if Mirambika is not restored as it stood till 14/4/2015, DoE has the right to take it over at the place where it was recognised and stood till 14/4/2015.

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