FIRST written legal opinion on the issue

The Parents body has finally been able to obtain the FIRST legal opinion on the matter. Please find below the summary of actions and a link to the actual opinion.

We strongly urge the Ashram Management to resume school in the old building for Monday 20th April.

Kudos the the Resistance!!!

1.  Attached is the first written legal opinion, one given by a retired Delhi High Court Judge on the issue of “threat”. The Hon’ble Judge has concluded that there is no threat.  We have offered that Management may also meet with this distinguished jurist to clarify any further issues.  In addition, one of the most senior law officers of the Government of India has concurred with this view.

2.  Verbal discussions with the highest-ranking DDA officials have clarified that there is no threat from the DDA.  This has been conveyed verbally to Pranjal Bhaiya by a Member of the DDA Board.

3.  We acknowledge that Sulochana Didi and the Diyas have done a wonderful job in the given circumstances. Nevertheless, we are worried that leading lawyers and government officials are very concerned about the sudden shift of the school on the 14th of April to a space that violates a number of norms and regulations required to run a school e.g. 1) Safety and Security 2) Facilities 3) Procedural Approvals, etc. We feel the sudden shift was wrong and needs to be righted as soon as possible.

Therefore, there appears to be no credible immediate legal or regulatory threat to continuing our Mirambika at its rightful premises.  On the other hand, we feel that continuing in the current premises exposes our Mirambika to greater risk, and, therefore, we urge the Management to move back to our school before it opens on Monday, the 20th of April. We, as parental members of the community would like to help with our return as a healing process.

We have been working hard and will continue to release further information to the Management and to you all as it becomes available.

Mirambika Legal


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