Silent meditation under a spiral of questions

Our fellow Mirambika parent Jasmeet did not take a clear stand against the illegal shifting of Mirambika by SAES in April 2015 or later. Now she is undertaking silent meditation at the Samadhi after the following email announcement:

“For the past two years, we have all been in a collective spiral to destroy… From the move of the school to the cases in court to the factions of parents to parents not being a part of everyday school and many more. Every conversation brings more despair and hopelessness. Can the means and ends be separated? For any of us? What will it take for us, including the management, diyas and parents to come together to create? Pranjal has created a beautiful space in kechla where every child grows. Diyas have given their lives to Mirambika all these years in the same attempt. Every parent here found their way to Mirambika for the same reason. What will it take us to come to this common ground to create? And surely, it will take every single one of us to come forward for it… Whether we have been involved so far or not. Whether we have been silent or vocal. Can we live with ourselves saying what can I, a single person, do about it…I have questions but no answers. If and when you feel the call, come join me in silent meditation at the samadhi. May be together we can find answers.”

Jasmeet’s intentions appear honourable but the preface to her meditation “For the past two years, we have all been in a collective spiral to destroy…” is wrong. She should read the contemporary email exchange to understand the true background. The spiral has been created by Pranjal Jauhar and his advisers who, in order to illegally create space (means) for the engg college (end), together fabricated the baseless DDA threat to the Mirambika land story, suppressed facts and sent some parents on a wild goose chase to verify the alleged ‘DDA threat.’ Thanks to the perseverance of these parents and the Right to Information, the ‘DDA threat’ was discovered to be a figment of someone’s morbid imagination, in fact, a sick strategy to sacrifice Mirambika for an engg college. These parents talked long in vain to Pranjal and his advisers with all supporting documents debunking the ‘DDA threat’. They also advised Pranjal about the consequences of his then imminent actions. These consequences are unfolding now.  Yes, Jasmeet, the means and ends cannot be separated. Since the means used by Pranjal and his advisers to meet their end of the engg college were unethical and illegal, their consequences cannot be sweet.

May Jasmeet’s meditation reveal to her that had she and tribe joined hands with petitioner parents back in April 2015,  Pranjal and his advisers would not have been able to create the spiral of questions that have further clouded her mind and exposed the Ashram and even MIS to regulatory action. That, according to her, Pranjal has created a school in Kechla in Odisha (with whose money and resources?) cannot give him the license to kill Mirambika in New Delhi or be immune from the consequences of his Karma. As to the answer she is looking for, its simple. SAES should restore Mirambika to its pre 14 April 2015 legal space wherein it was recognised by the DoE back in 1988. In exchange, the petitioner parents will withdraw their ongoing case against SAES. SAES can then use such withdrawal to defend itself against various regulatory actions stating that the basis of such actions stands extinguished. If not, while right now its only about 6 acres of encroached public land slipping out of SAES / Ashram control, the day is not far when DDA will move in to repossess the now vacant 9.84 acres of land leased by it to SAES based on SAES representations about how it would use the same. This 9.84 acres can only be saved by restoring Mirambika to its pre 14 April 2015 legal space.


If wishes were fishes, we’d all cast nets

Interesting. Those Interweiner parents who assisted SAES on 13th – 14th April 2015 in the clandestine overnight shift of Mirambika out of its legally recognised building and space to the residential Ashram and later to an illegal under construction building and thus actively contributed to making Mirambika, MIS and the Ashram vulnerable to the ongoing regulatory scrutiny and action are still now, instead of joining hands with petitioner parents in seeking restoration of Mirambika to its legally recognised building and space, lobbying with the office of the Lt. Governor of Delhi and the Delhi Govt to let Mirambika continue, as Pranjal Johar wants, in a building illegally built on encroached public land. They think that will leave Mirambika’s legally recognised building and space vacant for Pranjal Johar’s engineering college and make him love them like his dogs…..but then

“If wishes were fishes, we’d all cast nets.”

It hasn’t dawned on these Interweiners that their assistance to SAES on 13th – 14th April 2015 is the reason behind the DoE inspection that discovered the many other irregularities committed by SAES including encroachment of public land. They don’t seem to understand that Mirambika’s legally recognised building is preserved for Mirambika  under a Delhi High Court stay order and even their Lord Pranjal Johar has had to stop altering it following MCD and police action. Unless AICTE officials want the CBI enquiry to extend to their dealings with SAES officials, they will soon follow suit and withdraw any approval that they may have given SAES for an engineering college in Mirambika’s legally recognised building and space. Watch this space for more!

Nero fiddles, Uncle Claudius’s fiefdom dwindles

Its funny. Everyone is running in circles to save Mirambika; some headless chickens, some scared doves, some doves converted to hawks but the molester of Mirambika sits with no remorse whatsoever in his glasshouse dressed in his new suit of clothes. He can be seen presiding over meetings where he rejects rightful pleas, threatens to mark those present as absent if they hesitate to sign his dictation, and tries to create some fancy record absolving himself. Many courtiers, fearful matrons and some living doormats surround and pat the air around him in adoration as he takes calls from fixers promising to dig this person and rig that process to insulate him from the consequences of his sins. They are succeeding like the weavers who promised an emperor a new suit of clothes that they said would be invisible to those who are unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent. When the Emperor steps out of his austere Merc in his new clothes, and heads to the Court, none from his retinue dares to say that they don’t see any suit of clothes on him for fear that they will be seen as “unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent”. Finally, an innocent Mirambika child cries out, “But the monster isn’t wearing anything at all!”

SAES committing contempt of court by altering the pre 14/4/2015 Mirambika building

The MCD and Delhi Police have visited the pre 14/4/2015 Mirambika building and recorded that some construction is going on in and around it. While dealing with these authorities, SAES tried to create a false impression that the stay order dated 6/5/2015 passed by Justice Bhakru requiring status quo to be maintained about the pre 14/4/2015 Mirambika building has been vacated by the order dated 8/7/2015 passed by Justice Endlaw.

SAES had indeed filed an Application for vacation of the stay order dated 6/5/2015 passed by Justice Bhakru but this Application stands dismissed vide order dated 8/7/2015 passed by Justice Endlaw which clearly states that all interim applications stand dismissed. So this order dismissed the application of the petitioner parents for status quo ante ie restoration of Mirambika to its pre 14/4/2015 building etc (based on a false affidavit filed by DoE, now withdrawn) together with SAES’ Application for vacation of the stay order. Thus, SAES’ construction activities in and around the pre 14/4/2015 Mirambika building are in contempt of the stay order dated 6/5/2015 passed by Justice Bhakru.

“I am more Mirambikan than you.” and the ongoing court case

…or “… are not a Mirambikan.”

Who said that? Some parents of Nursery & KG children who have succumbed to Pinocchio misled SAES induced pressure exercised through the teachers (Diyas) looking after these groups. These pseudo Mirambikan parents have signed useless letters expressing their wish to let their children study in the illegal building built by SAES on encroached public land. (These letters are useless because SAES has admitted the said illegalities during DoE inspections, DoE has recorded the same in its reports and based thereon withdrawn an incorrect affidavit earlier filed by it in support of SAES actions and the matter is sub judice.) They are willing to do so though even the fire safety clearance for the said building is based on illegalities.

To whom is this being said? To the very few parents refusing to sign such useless letters. These pseudo Mirambikan parents have gone to the extent of excluding the children of the latter parents from day to day group activities and social events.

The irony is that neither set of these parents has experienced Mirambika in the true sense in its original and legal ecosystem with spiritually brave Diyas in command – all that 45-50 older parents are fighting for. Whatever experience they have had has been undermined by some Diyas who wrongly equate devotion toward Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s teachings with blind submission to Pinocchio and acceptance of all his wrongdoings as divine blessings.

Hope this growing darkness will be soon shattered by light in the Delhi High Court where the matter was patiently heard by Justice Manmohan earlier today and, true to his ‘exploit the system’ ways, a visibly sullen Pinocchio’s case was represented by a sitting Delhi High Court judge’s close relative with his old set of lawyers no where to be seen. Divine Sri Pinocchio was agitated enough to get hassled and squeal just because a petitioner parent looked at him with pity. While the lawyer representing the petitioner parents skillfully tore into SAES’ defence against restoration of Mirambika to its pre 14 April 2015 position, comic relief was provided in the matter by a SAES life member opposing SAES as well as the petitioner parents. A senior Diya was seen egging an old portly lawyer to fill in while SAES team anxiously awaited their lawyer to make an appearance and repeat ‘the old DDA leased the land for a college’ story like a stuck broken record. A freelance Eavesdrop has gathered that SAES is banking heavily on the Court roster change before 12 April 2017 leading to a judge other than Justice Manmohan hearing the matter. One wonders if SAES or its agents have the capacity to influence such a roster change but nothing low, lower or lowest can be ruled out from them.

As a former SAES Chairperson once said “…the All Seeing is watching us all.” Hopefully, that ‘all’ includes his master, Pinocchio, and his endless wheeling – dealing to avoid the earthly consequences of the sins he committed against the Mirambika children on 14 April 2015 and continues to commit ever since.

The case will now be heard on 12 April 2017.

Interweiners, Changus & Neutered back to pro SAES letter writing, lobbying with the regulators……

  1. They now plan to visit the office of the Lt. Governor of Delhi to plead with his staff that since the illegal building built on encroached public land was allegedly built in 1958 by SAES / Ashram (which is contrary to the public record), no regulations applied to it then (which is again contrary to the public record) and it need not comply with any present regulations (and is thus safe to house a school for children). One of them mentioned “adverse possession” law to justify the foregoing! In this manner, they are making an attempt to persuade the Lt. Governor of Delhi not to give his consent to the CBI enquiry ordered by the Govt of Delhi into the DoE – SAES collusion in stripping Mirambika of its legal space, building and facilities.
  2. Its reported that Charria has reverted to his private work and DeMon is looking to head West to beat the CBI heat. That leaves Pinocchio without his key man with personal experience of evading enquiries while shifting the blame to others as well as the other man he was relying on to swing the DoE officials into continuing its indulgence toward SAES.
  3. Their letters to and visits to DoE in support of SAES may have emboldened the now suspended DoE official to turn a blind eye to SAES’ misconduct in illegally shifting Mirambika from one unfit place to the other.
  4. Their intervention led to NOTHING in the Delhi High Court matter. It was never even heard or referred to by any Judge seriously, not even by the one that Charria managed to tap through a fixer and Pinocchio met.
  5. They recently met the Delhi Govt officials and cried before them in support of SAES in vain.
  6. They are now getting signatures on another letter in support of SAES. They want the Delhi Govt to overlook the illegalities in SAES’ conduct as they are comfortable letting their children study in an illegal building built on encroached public land. They don’t want Mirambika to be restored to its pre 14 April 2015 legal and rightful location.
  7. They are fear mongering, targeting the vulnerable parents with misinformation that the DoE is about to de-recognise Mirambika, encouraging them to withdraw their children from Mirambika. DoE has denied any such move.
  8. Their own children have appeared for MIS admission tests, which the DoE has taken cognisance of for further action against SAES and MIS.
  9. Meanwhile, in view of the DoE having withdrawn its earlier incorrect affidavit that supported SAES misconduct, the petitioner parents are once again moving the Delhi High Court for restoration of Mirambika to its pre 14 April 2015 legal and rightful location.

SAES seeking self-serving affidavits / undertakings from Mirambika nursery admission applicants…

….stating that

  • the School may close at any time due to de-recognition by the Dept of Education
  • SAES will not be responsible for such closure of the School
  • Parents will not seek admission for their children in MIS / Mother’s International School on the ground that SAES manages both Mirambika as well as MIS

Well done, Pinocchio! This is exactly the kind of legal advice you acted upon on 14th April 2015. Carry on, Pinocchio, turn your legacy and dream into a living nightmare. Even the Mother’s blessing can’t save you, Ever Lying Bully, now.

Meanwhile, senior teachers have been pressed into service to discourage various applicants using the non-existent DoE threat to de-recognise Mirambika even though as late as yesterday the DoE lawyer submitted before the Delhi High Court that the DoE wants the School to run from the premises where it was recognised back in 1988. Coupled with MIS admission tests being conducted on the sly for children of Pinocchio’s select boot-lickers and spineless neutrals ie mute witness to the injustice done to Mirambika children, the SAES strategy is clear; induce attrition in Mirambika student numbers and take max benefit from having shifted the School into illegal premises build on encroached public land. The Delhi Govt knows this well and whatever lobbying Charria & De-mon may engage in for SAES, the CBI enquiry is unavoidable. In fact, along with Pinocchio’s, their own movements and communications (with fixers, babus, judges, etc) will be under scrutiny.