Interweiners, Changus & Neutered back to pro SAES letter writing, lobbying with the regulators……

  1. They now plan to visit the office of the Lt. Governor of Delhi to plead with his staff that since the illegal building built on encroached public land was allegedly built in 1958 by SAES / Ashram (which is contrary to the public record), no regulations applied to it then (which is again contrary to the public record) and it need not comply with any present regulations (and is thus safe to house a school for children). One of them mentioned “adverse possession” law to justify the foregoing! In this manner, they are making an attempt to persuade the Lt. Governor of Delhi not to give his consent to the CBI enquiry ordered by the Govt of Delhi into the DoE – SAES collusion in stripping Mirambika of its legal space, building and facilities.
  2. Its reported that Charria has reverted to his private work and DeMon is looking to head West to beat the CBI heat. That leaves Pinocchio without his key man with personal experience of evading enquiries while shifting the blame to others as well as the other man he was relying on to swing the DoE officials into continuing its indulgence toward SAES.
  3. Their letters to and visits to DoE in support of SAES may have emboldened the now suspended DoE official to turn a blind eye to SAES’ misconduct in illegally shifting Mirambika from one unfit place to the other.
  4. Their intervention led to NOTHING in the Delhi High Court matter. It was never even heard or referred to by any Judge seriously, not even by the one that Charria managed to tap through a fixer and Pinocchio met.
  5. They recently met the Delhi Govt officials and cried before them in support of SAES in vain.
  6. They are now getting signatures on another letter in support of SAES. They want the Delhi Govt to overlook the illegalities in SAES’ conduct as they are comfortable letting their children study in an illegal building built on encroached public land. They don’t want Mirambika to be restored to its pre 14 April 2015 legal and rightful location.
  7. They are fear mongering, targeting the vulnerable parents with misinformation that the DoE is about to de-recognise Mirambika, encouraging them to withdraw their children from Mirambika. DoE has denied any such move.
  8. Their own children have appeared for MIS admission tests, which the DoE has taken cognisance of for further action against SAES and MIS.
  9. Meanwhile, in view of the DoE having withdrawn its earlier incorrect affidavit that supported SAES misconduct, the petitioner parents are once again moving the Delhi High Court for restoration of Mirambika to its pre 14 April 2015 legal and rightful location.

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