“I am more Mirambikan than you.” and the ongoing court case

…or “…..you are not a Mirambikan.”

Who said that? Some parents of Nursery & KG children who have succumbed to Pinocchio misled SAES induced pressure exercised through the teachers (Diyas) looking after these groups. These pseudo Mirambikan parents have signed useless letters expressing their wish to let their children study in the illegal building built by SAES on encroached public land. (These letters are useless because SAES has admitted the said illegalities during DoE inspections, DoE has recorded the same in its reports and based thereon withdrawn an incorrect affidavit earlier filed by it in support of SAES actions and the matter is sub judice.) They are willing to do so though even the fire safety clearance for the said building is based on illegalities.

To whom is this being said? To the very few parents refusing to sign such useless letters. These pseudo Mirambikan parents have gone to the extent of excluding the children of the latter parents from day to day group activities and social events.

The irony is that neither set of these parents has experienced Mirambika in the true sense in its original and legal ecosystem with spiritually brave Diyas in command – all that 45-50 older parents are fighting for. Whatever experience they have had has been undermined by some Diyas who wrongly equate devotion toward Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s teachings with blind submission to Pinocchio and acceptance of all his wrongdoings as divine blessings.

Hope this growing darkness will be soon shattered by light in the Delhi High Court where the matter was patiently heard by Justice Manmohan earlier today and, true to his ‘exploit the system’ ways, a visibly sullen Pinocchio’s case was represented by a sitting Delhi High Court judge’s close relative with his old set of lawyers no where to be seen. Divine Sri Pinocchio was agitated enough to get hassled and squeal just because a petitioner parent looked at him with pity. While the lawyer representing the petitioner parents skillfully tore into SAES’ defence against restoration of Mirambika to its pre 14 April 2015 position, comic relief was provided in the matter by a SAES life member opposing SAES as well as the petitioner parents. A senior Diya was seen egging an old portly lawyer to fill in while SAES team anxiously awaited their lawyer to make an appearance and repeat ‘the old DDA leased the land for a college’ story like a stuck broken record. A freelance Eavesdrop has gathered that SAES is banking heavily on the Court roster change before 12 April 2017 leading to a judge other than Justice Manmohan hearing the matter. One wonders if SAES or its agents have the capacity to influence such a roster change but nothing low, lower or lowest can be ruled out from them.

As a former SAES Chairperson once said “…the All Seeing is watching us all.” Hopefully, that ‘all’ includes his master, Pinocchio, and his endless wheeling – dealing to avoid the earthly consequences of the sins he committed against the Mirambika children on 14 April 2015 and continues to commit ever since.

The case will now be heard on 12 April 2017.


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