Mirambika celebrating its Sports Day without parents

Except for those parents lackey-ing for the Ashram’s ruling family, no other parents have been allowed to enter the school on this Sports Day. Very smartly, the verbal un-invite on behalf of SAES to the other parents was passed through the children, by some so called Saadhaks, tormenting the children even further. If this is not a violation of the rights of the Mirambika children then nothing else ever was or will be.


SEAS’ “brilliant” moves to raise Mirambika’s stature

Here are a few gems:

#Move the school entrance to the narrow jail like Gate No 7 and bar parking of cars by parents in the parking built by it to the right inside of Gate No 6 perhaps on public land encroached upon by the Ashram so that parents coming to drop/pick up their kids are unable to park their cars and thus forced to leave the vicinity of the school without being able to meet and discuss anything. SEAS may have somehow obtained fire clearance for the school building it has built on the Ashram land but this Gate No 7 does not meet the regulatory requirement.

##Not take some classes/groups for annual Dussehra and other holiday outings ostensibly in reaction to these groups having some children belonging to parents who are in Court challenging SEAS’ illegal shifting of Mirambika.

###Stop parents from entering the school to see/participate in the school functions like the Sports Day in which their children participate.

####Discontinue meetings between teachers ie Diyas and parents to discuss the progress reports of children.

#####Asking parents to be prepared to send packed breakfast and lunch for their children as the canteen / dining facilities will be withdrawn.

WHAT SEAS is NOT understanding is that these measures are only serving to further firm up the resolve of the parents in Court to pursue their grievance more vigorously and as long as possible to obtain justice. SEAS unreasonable actions will also lead to the conflict widening to a point of no return.

Stay against changing the original Mirambika Building to an Engg College continues….

…..if not, SEAS should carry out the construction work at the original Mirambika building under the Sun instead of taking assistance from a few Bhakt and profiteering parents to nocturnally change that building. Follow Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, act boldly in light!

SEAS hasn’t won and Insha-allah shall not win the case initiated by the petitioner parents to restore Mirambika back into its rightful ecosystem. The Division Bench which heard the appeal of the petitioners from the order of Justice Endlaw has merely sent the matter to another single judge, Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva, while clearly stating that the order (of Justice Endlaw) shall not be binding. See dhc-order-dated-12-08-2016-in-lpa-448-of-2016

Here’s for the Bhakt & profiteering parents

Ped Katne Aaye Hai Kuch Log,
Mere Sahar Me,
Abhi Dhup Bahut Tej Hai Kahkar Uski Chaav Me Baithe Hai…

पेड़ काटने आये हैं कुछ लोग,
मेरे शहर मे,
अभी धूप बहुत तेज है कहकर उसकी छाँव में बैठे हैं…

After damaging the Tree of Mirambika while supporting SEAS’ illegal actions to cut it branches and suffocate its roots………. to take away the shade, space, freedom, facilities and joys of the children gathered under it, many such woodcutter parents have transferred their children into MIS and other schools and vanished over the last 16 months…………so the only true believers in Free Progress Education and the true caretakers of Mirambika are the petitioner parents and their children studying in Mirambika.

Understanding Corporal Punishment To Not Indulge In or Prevent It At Mirambika

A few Diyas at Mbk either under duress from the Ashram – SEAS or due to their dislike for the legal action initiated by the petitioner parents against SEAS (for the illegal shift of Mbk into Ashram land to make way for an engineering college) are reportedly engaging in certain questionable behaviour against the children of the petitioner parents. Their / SEAS’ obvious aim is to coerce these children into asking their parents to take them out of Mbk so that the legal action is left with no interested supporters. However, we will not give in to such tactics and fight on at least till the Supreme Court of India.

We wish to warn SEAS that according to the Guidelines for Abolition of Corporal Punishment,Corporal Punishment covers the following behaviour of the Teacher:

4.3 Mental harassment is understood as any non-physical treatment that is detrimental to the academic and psychological well-being of a child. It includes but is not restricted to the following:
4.3.1 Sarcasm that hurts or lowers the child’s dignity;
4.3.2 Calling names and scolding using humiliating adjectives, intimidation;
4.3.3 Using derogatory remarks for the child, including pinning of slogans;
4.3.4 Ridiculing the child with regard to her background or status or parental occupation or caste;
4.3.5 Ridiculing the child with regard to her health status or that of the family – especially HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis;
4.3.6 Belittling a child in the classroom due to his/her inability to meet the teacher’s expectations of academic achievement;
4.3.7 Punishing or disciplining a child not recognising that most children who perform poorly in
academics are actually children with special needs. Such children could have conditions like learning disability, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, mild developmental delay etc.;
4.3.8 Using punitive measures to correct a child and even labelling him/her as difficult; such as a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder who may not only fare poorly in academics, but also pose a problem in management of classroom behaviours;
4.3.9 ‘Shaming’ the child to motivate the child to improve his performance;
4.3.10 Ridiculing a child with developmental problems such as learning difficulty or a speech disorder, such as, stammering or speech articulation disorder.

SEAS must forthwith counsel and stop the Diyas in question from engaging in such behaviour. After a brief watch, we will be constrained to report against and name the Diyas meting out Corporal Punishment to our children.

Eid shatters the silence of the petionning lambs

They now realise that their silence is not winning them a Gold but rather being used as a bloody opportunity by SEAS to launch a pogrom to demotivate their kids out of Mbk so that the legal case against SEAS is left with no interested parents or stakeholders. This pogrom is being implemented by 2 or 3 Diyas who are wholly dependent on the Ashram or are blind followers of those in control of the Ashram. This has forced the Blogger Dragons to resume their jehad to slay the tormentors through words. Watch out for more!

Mirambika Parents Rep Election – a page from the history with no comment

From: Nalini Dhariwal <nalini.dhariwal@gmail.com>
Subject: {Mirambika All Parents} The Ability to Let Go
Date: 26 May 2015 at 9:05:11 AM IST
To: mirambika@googlegroups.com” <mirambika@googlegroups.com>

The ones who signed the impleadment and continue to stick by it, I believe that we demonstrate:
  • the ability to let go of positions caused by the sudden 14th April move
  • the ability to forgive mistakes that often we all make out of fear
  • the ability to accept change and look forward to a new future
  • the ability to Trust management to do the right thing whether or not that takes us back to the old building
  • the ability to deal with ambiguity
I am proud to know that there is such a large group of people like that in Mirambika and I am sure the teachings of Mirambika have helped us in this.
Thank you the 50+ parents who continue to stand tall.

“The first principle of education is that nothing can be taught” – Sri Aurobindo
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Mirambika Epitaph in the Kalu Sarai Graveyard –  by the Wretched Prince

Here rests her high head under the dirt and dust of my land

An evergreen flower killed by me – her own.

The fair applauded her rise from humble grains of sand,

But I killed her for reasons my own.


Large was His bounty upon her soul sincere,

Even heaven can’t recompense her loss to the world

So I rejoice in the misery that I have inflicted on all her dear,

As I gain further from hell the reigns of the underworld.


Not much farther I needed to see her merits disclosed,

But I blindly drew blood from her tenderness with glee

While her meek dear trembling alike in fear reposed

Their dead hopes in the cold bosoms of  the Mother and Sri.