Mirambika Parent Rep declines to sign incorrect MC minutes

Here’s the Parent Representative’s relevant email to Mirambika All Parents:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: ‘nanni Singh’ via mbkallgroups
Date: Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 5:28 PM
Subject: {Mirambika All Parents} Management committee meeting

Dear parents,

As you are aware, the last management committee meeting of the year was held on the 4th of March. I had carried with me the following list of agenda items that I received from parents, that covered quite comprehensively all current issues at school. All the agenda items were tabled and discussed at length. The following is the list-

1) Shortage of teachers-Teachers need to be hired for specific areas if there is a resource shortage, as has been expressed by the school to the parent community. There are certain subjects that could use domain specific help and it would be a good option to look for teachers to fill those gaps.

2)Reinstating volunteers– many parents across the board are willing to volunteer… its a v good idea to bring back old committed volunteers as well as look at new openings.

3) Some parents feel that all current entry level classes must be filled to 20 seats as required, this will ensure 44 new children including the current incoming red group.

4) No students in higher classes should be encouraged to leave MBK by offering them MIS seats, instead we should find resources to teach those students so that the higher classes grow and everyone has confidence that this school will be there till Class X. The school had given us 10 points and made us sign an acceptable of NIOS for Class X, we would like to ensure the spirit of that declaration is maintained.

5) Since the school called parents in to encourage them to leave and said that 6,7,8 would shut down, we request an official confirmation that they are continuing these three classes.

6) We would like to ensure that all activities for the children continue and grow and all the activities that have been withdrawn be reinstated. 

7) We request that the school stay with the once- a – term schedule for group meetings.4 or 5 in all, through the year.

8) Siblings admission– An appeal for the admissions of three siblings, was made by Siddharth Sahib Singh and Manvi Siddharth. This was a management quota request and also an appeal for siblings to get admission, in keeping with the schools mandate.

9) Food in the next year.

10) Talks between SAES and petitioning parents.

11) Talks between the school principal and Diya’s with the parent body

12)Issues with regard to complaints concerning parents-I began by requesting that the parents names be removed from the last meeting minutes. Upon this refusal by the MC, I recorded my dissent and filed the parents response. In the future,I  requested that we follow a process whereby we know in advance, so that we can call parents in to express their versions simultaneously, else have a separate forum for this altogether.

In addition, there were concerns regarding the change of school timings, that I had raised at the discussion that followed the announcement. The three concerns were-
1) 9am is unbearably hot in the summer, is this appropriate an appropriate time for the children?
2) How will working parents manage?
3) It’s a cut-back of another 45 minutes in the children’s school day. How will this be made up time-wise.
There were responses and deliberations on each point, after which we moved to the next agenda item.
There were prior to these items, discussions around the pre- set agenda items.The minutes that have been published since have omitted some of the agenda items I tabled and that were discussed at length. I wrote to the management committee requesting these items to be included. They have not agreed to do so. I have therefore declined to sign the minutes, in their present form. I shall mail the minutes when I receive them.
Warm regards,



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