Silent meditation under a spiral of questions

Our fellow Mirambika parent Jasmeet did not take a clear stand against the illegal shifting of Mirambika by SAES in April 2015 or later. Now she is undertaking silent meditation at the Samadhi after the following email announcement:

“For the past two years, we have all been in a collective spiral to destroy… From the move of the school to the cases in court to the factions of parents to parents not being a part of everyday school and many more. Every conversation brings more despair and hopelessness. Can the means and ends be separated? For any of us? What will it take for us, including the management, diyas and parents to come together to create? Pranjal has created a beautiful space in kechla where every child grows. Diyas have given their lives to Mirambika all these years in the same attempt. Every parent here found their way to Mirambika for the same reason. What will it take us to come to this common ground to create? And surely, it will take every single one of us to come forward for it… Whether we have been involved so far or not. Whether we have been silent or vocal. Can we live with ourselves saying what can I, a single person, do about it…I have questions but no answers. If and when you feel the call, come join me in silent meditation at the samadhi. May be together we can find answers.”

Jasmeet’s intentions appear honourable but the preface to her meditation “For the past two years, we have all been in a collective spiral to destroy…” is wrong. She should read the contemporary email exchange to understand the true background. The spiral has been created by Pranjal Jauhar and his advisers who, in order to illegally create space (means) for the engg college (end), together fabricated the baseless DDA threat to the Mirambika land story, suppressed facts and sent some parents on a wild goose chase to verify the alleged ‘DDA threat.’ Thanks to the perseverance of these parents and the Right to Information, the ‘DDA threat’ was discovered to be a figment of someone’s morbid imagination, in fact, a sick strategy to sacrifice Mirambika for an engg college. These parents talked long in vain to Pranjal and his advisers with all supporting documents debunking the ‘DDA threat’. They also advised Pranjal about the consequences of his then imminent actions. These consequences are unfolding now.  Yes, Jasmeet, the means and ends cannot be separated. Since the means used by Pranjal and his advisers to meet their end of the engg college were unethical and illegal, their consequences cannot be sweet.

May Jasmeet’s meditation reveal to her that had she and tribe joined hands with petitioner parents back in April 2015,  Pranjal and his advisers would not have been able to create the spiral of questions that have further clouded her mind and exposed the Ashram and even MIS to regulatory action. That, according to her, Pranjal has created a school in Kechla in Odisha (with whose money and resources?) cannot give him the license to kill Mirambika in New Delhi or be immune from the consequences of his Karma. As to the answer she is looking for, its simple. SAES should restore Mirambika to its pre 14 April 2015 legal space wherein it was recognised by the DoE back in 1988. In exchange, the petitioner parents will withdraw their ongoing case against SAES. SAES can then use such withdrawal to defend itself against various regulatory actions stating that the basis of such actions stands extinguished. If not, while right now its only about 6 acres of encroached public land slipping out of SAES / Ashram control, the day is not far when DDA will move in to repossess the now vacant 9.84 acres of land leased by it to SAES based on SAES representations about how it would use the same. This 9.84 acres can only be saved by restoring Mirambika to its pre 14 April 2015 legal space.


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