Mirambika Crisis: DOE inspection report ripped apart in Court but TD declares victory in Matri Stores

The case will now be heard on July 24th. This evening, counsel for DOE made almost everything is alright submissions re the Matri Store building but the counsel for the 9 petitioners ripped the DOE inspection report apart. Matri Store has to go. UCO Bank approval is to be taken. There is no fire safety approval. And there are many more issues with that building. Its unfit for a school and DOE cannot approve it because that is in DDA’s domain. Counsel for the 9 petitioners will make submissions on the DDA issue on 24th. DDA may have to be impleaded. Counsel for the 36 petitioners made a brief submission re the safety & security of children pending removal of various deficiencies by SAES. She will make further submissions on 24th.

TD is reported to have gone to the Matri Store and declared SAES victory in the case. Her sense of humor, if any, is on an overdrive.

Prabhat’s dharna continues. Anupama Chib is on the relay hunger strike.

The CCTV cameras recently put up by the Ashram aim toward the dharna site away from the Gate No. 6. Clearly, they are not for security purposes. They film the protesters. Ranbir was able to identify food that one of the protesters was eating and dared to call her. He got an earful. It seems he watches the CCTV output along with some other voyeurs. Vikrant has been photographing the protesters to please his master, PJ. Ranbir is responsible for photoshopping these photos for court purposes. Some lady protesters have complained against such voyeurism. Even this matter may take the perpetrators to the police station.


2 thoughts on “Mirambika Crisis: DOE inspection report ripped apart in Court but TD declares victory in Matri Stores

  1. abcd July 18, 2015 / 12:19 am

    The counsel for the parents supporting the school wanted to implead DDA. Petitioners against the shift backtracked.

    Get a life!


  2. abcd July 18, 2015 / 12:22 am

    Where has your following blogpost disappeared?
    Got scared?

    Mirambika Crisis: Recently installed Ashram cctvs not There is a possibility that pictures of the dharma w some pets may be shown in the court. The counsel should be ready to counter. Mention cctv focusing on ladies at the dhmeant for security….
    by savemirambika

    ….their angles are readjusted daily to focus far away from the Ashram on the 9 day foothpath dharna many metres across the road opposite Gate No. 6. At least one cctv is nailed on to a tree outside the Ashram walls. It is reported that Ranbir gets to watch and edit the recordings and Vikram […]


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