Nalini Dhariwal tries to infuse baseless fear into the Mirambika parent community on behalf of SAES

Here’s her email and our response within it – set within brackets:​

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Nalini Dhariwal
Date: Sun, Aug 9, 2015 at 5:07 PM
Subject: {Mirambika All Parents} FactSheet 1


I bring to you a series of facts that we should all be aware of to guide our decisions and actions. Starting from the latest, here’s the first of the series. (The fact is that to make way for an engineering college, Mbk children have been shoved into an under construction building – on Ashram land not approved by DDA for school – which does not have fire safety clearance and which does not provide the ecosystem needed for free progress integral education. Do you accept that for your kids – look into their eyes – look for your conscience and answer? That indeed is the start. God forbid, if something wrong happens, would you or PJ take responsibility?)
Petitioners have now questioned the qualifications of the Diyas. If they are heard by DOE, all classes beyond primary are in danger of getting shut. I have pasted here the clause in the petition: (Mirambika is an autonomous school, Diyas have always been and shall always be its part. Petitioners have only responded to the deficiencies in the DOE inspection report favoring SAES. All know that the DOE head’s children were somehow admitted to study in SAES controlled SAES. When you say  ‘If they are heard by DOE’, you admit that DOE has done nothing but you are raising a hue & cry to please your masters albeit without any basis. Your basis is fear and you want to instill fear to help PJ succeed in his divide & rule policy. In fact, PJ perhaps knows that is safe from aggressive legal action only till he hides behind them. If they leave, he will face criminal legal action and the petitioners will use all legal means to scorch the land he so dearly wants for the engineering college.)
Inline image 1
Sulochna Didi, Srila Didi, Kamala Didi and other volunteering diyas are over-age and don’t qualify for the ‘required legal parameters for qualifications of teachers’. (This is your statement against the Diyas. Are you not aware that Mirambika is an autonomous school and so it need not strictly observe the ‘required legal parameters for qualifications of teachers’ ?)
We have always been short on B.Ed qualified teachers but the legal qualifications of our Diyas has never bothered progressive Mirambika. (‘We’ – are you the SAES or the School Management Committee? Since Mirambika is an autonomous school, Diyas have always been and shall always be its part. In fact, SAES counsel tried to deny Mirambika’s autonomous status in the court. Is that a part of the SAES strategy to disqualify Mirambika from DOE recognition and then shut it down? Please ask PJ and report back.)
This clause in the petition is a real danger. The notice to school has been served by DOE. (Where is the DOE notice? In what capacity have you seen it? Are you advising SAES or paying for the lawyers engaged by it? How come the same DOE that almost okayed the residential Ashram premises for Mirambika – transgressing into DDA’s powers – bases on an anticipated move into a new building – couldn’t be managed by PJ this time? Because such a notice suits his purpose. The petitioner won’t let your master succeed.)

3 thoughts on “Nalini Dhariwal tries to infuse baseless fear into the Mirambika parent community on behalf of SAES

  1. Exposing Games PJ Plays August 10, 2015 / 4:29 pm

    Make no mistake that the DoE notice, if any, about the age of the Diyas, has been issued probably because PJ wanted it.

    This is the new trick to close Mirambika down after it is dawning upon PJ that his lies about DDA threat to land are getting exposed.

    Please have the DoE notice procured and post it in public domain.

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  2. 007 August 10, 2015 / 5:53 pm

    A procured DOE notice published through a “cooperative” parent with alacrity.

    WHY Did SAES (or should we say PJ’S) REPLY TO DDA not public yet through the same “cooperative” parents?

    It is the parent petitioners who have been arguing in court that Mirambika is an AUTONOMOUS school based on functioning and on Tara Didi application. This exempts Mirambika from uniforms, syllabi, structured curriculum, paid teachers, structred eacher qualification requirements etc.

    It is SAES (or should we say PJ,s) lawyer Sunil Gupta who is trying his best to deny that MIRAMBIKA is an autonomous school thereby subjecting the Diyas to ridiculous scrutiny in his effort to close school and make his beloved Engg college. SHAME ON PJ and on these same “cooperative” parents. SHAME SHAME! Only mission is to confuse through deceit and selective paraphrasing and rule by dividing. SHAME.

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  3. MBK Friend August 10, 2015 / 9:01 pm

    As per Nalini Dhariwal, this is first of the series that she wants to post. What is the motive? If it is honourable motive of pointing and correcting ‘mistakes’ then why not being all of these ‘mistakes’ out in open in one go and look towards a solution.

    But no, the motive is only to divide the parent community, instill the sense of fear of school closure, to aid PJ in his evil plans of trying to torture Diyas further, etc. How evil can this woman and many of the so called management supporter parents get. No wonder we are at this stage due to Pranjal and parents like these who are supporting him in his evil plans.


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