Court case update from this afternoon’s hearing

  1. Counsel for the 36 parent petitioners, Kanika Agnihotri, completed her arguments.
  2. Counsel for the 9 parent petitioners, Gopal Shankarnarayan, began his concluding  arguments.
  3. The case is finally taking a Constitutional turn. Hopefully, the so far technically minded judge is beginning to appreciate that the parent petitioners and Mirambika children have fundamental rights which have been violated by SAES  and which are far superior to SAES’ right to freedom of trade, business and property.
  4. The next hearing is on Ganesh Chaturthi ie 17th September 2015. May Ganesha favor the parent petitioners and give SAES’ lords Pranjal Jauhar, Ashok Acharya and Dr Bijlani the wisdom to understand that if Mirambika is not restored to its pre 14/4 system, the land they wish to exploit for the engineering college itself will be lost together with some more land in possession of the Ashram without any legal and or contractual basis.
  5. Meanwhile, SAES’ lords  continue in vain to use the Diyas to win over some parent petitioners. The Diyas have been fed so many lies by Pranjal & Gang that they are unable to see the Truth. However, its good that some of the Diyas are coming to the Court and perhaps beginning to understand the facts.

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