Mirambika crisis: Would Mother’s International School lose the playground?

1. The 4.84 acre playground so far shared on a friendly basis between the children of Mirambika and the children of the Mother’s International School was leased by DDA to SAES in 1984. On the same date, another 5 acres of land was leased to SAES which it used for the Mirambika Building. Given the related SAES request for land, in effect, the total 9.84 (4.84 + 5) acres of land has to be used by one permitted user.

2. With SAES vehemently insisting that Mirambika was illegally running on the said land and that only a college can run from there, leave poor Mirambika, the Mother’s International School would lose the playground for good. Why? SAES has got approval from AICTE for a technical college which SAES proposes to set up where Mirambika was till 14/4. AICTE regulations require that the technical college campus be separate and demarcated. Also, the Mother’s International School children would need to be protected against adult technical college students and their behavior. These two very important requirements would lead the Mother’s International School  and or the technical college to be fenced off and that effectively means that the playground (having been given for college user according to SAES) too would go within the separate and demarcated campus of the technical college.


2 thoughts on “Mirambika crisis: Would Mother’s International School lose the playground?

  1. savesarvodayaenclave May 21, 2015 / 5:22 pm

    Asharam Management itself under oath in an affidavit to AICTE, no school runs and will run in future on college land. If the play ground is part of college land, it will have to be demarcated with a boundary wall.


    • savemirambika May 21, 2015 / 8:27 pm

      Pro AM parents should read that and understand how blatant some people have been in this matter.


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