Mirambika crisis: The pathetic argument of the Technical College being better than a school for 170 kids

The argument that being a school for just 170 kids Mirambika can be sacrificed to let a technical college come up is meaningless because:

1. The SAES has repeatedly conveyed that it is going to establish the Technical College in the Mirambika Building just for sixty (60) students and just for a year or two and that it would close it down after the land was made secure against the alleged DDA threat.

2.Through the years, nothing prevented the SAES from growing Mirambika into a full school till the 12th standard, adding more classes and students, getting more Diyas & volunteers to teach, etc. In fact, most parents have always been in favor of organic growth of Mirambika for it to realize its full potential. Some volunteer to teach and some have even offered to contribute to a fund for the welfare of the unpaid Diyas. The sentiments and offers of such parents have been bluntly ignored by the SAES. They were told that contributions, if any, have to be made to the SAES which would decide their utilization on its own. A case in point is the money contributed by the parents for equipping an audio visual room for the children. For months, no one knew what happened with that money. It is said that it was utilized for some other purpose. Later, some other parent was approached for additional contribution toward equipping an audio visual room for the children.

3. Parents would support Mirambika organically growing into a full fledged free progress school up to the 12th standard for many more kids and parents to enjoy being & grow as Mirambikans. Some would even put in time, effort & resources but does SAES care?

4. If, by sending the children for a picnic to enable AICTE inspection and later abruptly shifting them into the residential Ashram premises, the SAES can hoodwink AICTE (perhaps AICTE officials colluded with SAES) into accepting the 25 year old Mirambika Building for a Technical College, what prevents it from convincing that gullible AICTE that the building around the Matri Store can be used by the Technical College students? After all, according to SAES, there’ll just be 60 such students!

5. Lastly, free progress integral education is a primary upwards process and not a top down one or one with a huge gap between the school and college education. Therefore, not growing Mirambika into a full school till the 12th standard before establishing the Technical College simply does not fit in with the Mother’s philosophy or the SAES’s objectives.


2 thoughts on “Mirambika crisis: The pathetic argument of the Technical College being better than a school for 170 kids

    • savemirambika May 20, 2015 / 11:34 pm

      Hi! From your emails to MbkAll, it appears that you may be inclined to moderate or mediate. Guess its possible provided SAES acknowledges its 14/4 mistake, expresses regret and lets the children move back into the old building for some time so that they can deal with and overcome their trauma and then gradually be moved into a new legally safe & secure place. All to be done in consultation with the aggrieved parents. Wish you all the best!


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