Mirambika Crisis: status of court case

Counsel for the nine parent petitioners heard. No order passed. The Q&A between counsel and the judge variously reported over AllMbk email by some of the attendees being interpreted one way or the other. SAES reps smelling victory; parent petitioners offer them nasal decongestants that also detoxify hearts and minds.

Status quo order regarding the Mirambika Building continues.

Counsel for the thirty six parent petitioners to be heard on 4th August.

3 thoughts on “Mirambika Crisis: status of court case

  1. Mirambika Is At Home - PJ & Protestors Go Home July 31, 2015 / 6:43 pm


    1. The Hon’ble Judge stated that Legal opinion of the Chief Legal Advisor of the DDA is not the law.

    2. The counsel for the petitioners unable to show any law that prohibits shifting of the School within the same locality.

    3. De-recognition is the only remedy available under law if the school does not comply with the rules and does not shift the Kitchen, Store, Bank etc.

    4. Counsel for the 9 initial petitioner parents has concluded his arguments. NOT able to convince the Hon’ble Judge.

    5. Matter listed for 03.08.2015. Counsel for the 36 petitioners parents to argue and then the Counsel for the Respondents to then respond.


    a. Protestors should Go Home. Your CLA opinion is not the law. Your protest is Ugly and disturbing the harmony in the neighbourhood.

    b. All Parents and Diyas should force Shameless Shri PJ 420 to comply with the law and shift the Store, Kitchen, Bank, etc., else Mirambika is headed for a shutdown.



    • savemirambika August 1, 2015 / 3:17 pm

      Sir, please wait for the hearing to conclude and the court decision. Judges talk. They are not the law. This judge’s order, if he proceeds the way you reported he talked, will not survive the appeal process. Some attendees reported that a case or two before the Mirambika matter, he was lecturing on DDA’s absolute authority as the lessor to restrict lessee’s activities.


  2. Samit August 2, 2015 / 3:32 pm

    Its sad to see that in this day and age disgruntled parents have to fight commercialy minded parties like SAES. That too For a basic right of their kids to have an opportunity for experential learning in this uniqe location! May good sense prevail among those hell bent on uprooting Mirambika!


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