Jasmin Arethna, former Asian and National Cycling Champion (1981-1991), speaks up for Saving Mirambika

“Dear Friends,
For 8 years my kids went to a dream school called Mirambika.
Stemmed on the teachings and principles of Sri Aurobindo, this school professed on Integral education, a combination of teachers, parents and natural environment, necessary for the harmonious growth and learning of the child. A small school of less than 150 students, as it had it’s own quirks of no regular syllabus, no numerical comparisons of students but had a whole lot of love, patience and perseverance from the Diyas (teachers) who were the guiding light for every childs’ learning.
The school building was uniquely designed such as to encourage the freedom of learning which helped children to explore, seek, observe, question towards better understanding. The school building (was always inviting us with hundreds of Jade plants hanging from the ledges), was nestled in 5 acres of natural surroundings of gentle wilderness which housed the duck pond, banyan tree, geese, rabbits, turtles, herb garden, sand pit, mud bath pit, neem grove (full of big neem trees), sunlit path….. ( a school setting one can only dream of).
Suddenly mid April, the management of Sri Aurobindo Education Society (SAES) which recently came under the leadership of Pranjal Jauhar, overnight shunted Mirambika out of its settings, caged it in a regular school building, to make way for an Engineering college. The shift was done shoddily and shabbily, all under the claims of saving Mirambika from the Delhi Developmental Authority.
As the parents started protesting of the sudden shift, the management came up with different stories and requested the parents to help save Mirambika (to calm down the hue and cry). On delving into the matter, it surfaced that there was no threat but the management had decided to shift Mirambika out of it’s building and start an Engineering college for pecuniary reasons.
The school that vehemently prophesied Sri Aurobindo’s teachings “to follow the path of truth” was brutally thrown aside for some expansion plans by the management of Sri Aurobindo Education Society.
Some parents have filed a case in Delhi High court against management for the brutal, unjust shift of the school and for its restitution.
Some parents have been on a peaceful Dharna since 29 days (living in tents on the footpath) in protest.
The management has employed a battery of senior lawyers to fight against the parents.
Unfortunately, the warm, welcoming, ever friendly and peaceful Mirambika is in a Mess and it desperately needs to be preserved in it’s original state and environment.
Hence I urge you and your friends for IMMEDIATE SUPPORT.
Please sign the petition to take Mirambika back to it’s original setting, before it fades into oblivion.
Prime Minister of India; Lt. Governor of Delhi; Chief Mi…

Because 1. the 34 year old Mirambika Free Progress School is the only free progress integral education school in north India practicing the best of ancient Indian e…
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Children of India need schools like Mirambika, with the freedom of space to explore, experiment, express their mental and physical abilities rather than being caged in buildings that hardly give space to breathe.
Let’s spread the awareness rather than grieve.
Thank you for your support. “
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