Court case adjourned to Dec 1st & 2nd due to SAES’ lawyer’s insistence (delay tactics)

And that made Petticoat Joey laugh for once (he believes that by dragging the case he can tire out the parent petitioners into accepting his decisions) but little does he realize what these delaying tactics would lead to. Yes, the parent petitioners are losing patience and it has now been decided to file (i) a criminal complaint against SAES and its key decisions makers (PJ, AA, Dr B, KD and JD) and the concerned officials of AICTE, DOE, MCD, etc for conspiring to shift Mirambika into a building not sanctioned by MCD and built on land encroached upon by the Ashram and which is not meant for school purposes; and (iii) a public interest litigation calling for investigation into the encroachment of public land by the Ashram. Both these legal actions will be taken within this month of November.

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