PJ led SAES restricts Mirambika timings even as justice gets delayed

Emboldened by the ongoing delay in the Delhi High Court pronouncing its judgement on the petitions earlier filed by Mirambika parents (perhaps also due to some feedback from their counsel about which way the camel is going to sit), successful frustration by the Teen Devis of the continuance of the senior-most group of students at Mirambika and allegedly in response to a DoE circular issued in Jan 2016, PJ led SAES has now adopted a devious strategy to cripple Mirambika “Free Progress” School by inter alia changing its timings  from 815 am to 330 pm to 730 am to 1 pm and making most Saturdays working. The convoluted explanation given is that the school has to complete the working days as per DoE requirement while the teachers / Diyas need time for preparation. However, the background to that DoE circular is the time lost due to harsh summer – winter – odd/even numbered traffic, etc lost in the session that is already over so how can that time be recovered in the new session.

The approximate reduction in time spent in school works out as follows: 2 hours per day x 22 days / month – time spent on Saturday = 32 hours / month Green Group (Wednesday early day), 36 hours / month Yellow through fifth, 28 hours / month 6th and above.  The foregoing is nowhere mandated by the DoE circular relied upon by PJ led SAES.

We all know that Mirambika isn’t a mainstream school and its teachers / Diyas need far more time and patient engagement with the children for their Free Progress & Integral Education than say those in Vasant Valley or even the SAES cash, political & bureaucratic influence earning cow MIS. Such engagement would not be possible under the new timings being imposed by PJ.

Consequently, Mirambika parents are once again agitated and they may approach DoE (which indulges SAES no end as some of its top babus and their bosses have children studying in MIS) before approaching the Delhi High Court against the new timings.

Lets now decipher what the hell is PJ up to. There is an obvious connection to his engineering college pipe-dream here. Recall that his reason for shifting Mirambika was the now debunked DDA  threat. He is now using the DoE circular of Jan 2016 to change Mirambka timings in an attempt to free up the Mirambika campus for that damn engineering college (may the curse of all Mothers be upon it) while nothing of this sort has been done in MIS or other schools. Maybe he has understood that the petitions filed by Mirambika parents would be ultimately decided against SAES and so he is planning ahead to kill Mirambika itself and create space for his hollow dream. If he continues down this way, the encroachment of public land by SAES / Ashram is sure to get agitated to put the culprits on leash.


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