SEAS’ “brilliant” moves to raise Mirambika’s stature

Here are a few gems:

#Move the school entrance to the narrow jail like Gate No 7 and bar parking of cars by parents in the parking built by it to the right inside of Gate No 6 perhaps on public land encroached upon by the Ashram so that parents coming to drop/pick up their kids are unable to park their cars and thus forced to leave the vicinity of the school without being able to meet and discuss anything. SEAS may have somehow obtained fire clearance for the school building it has built on the Ashram land but this Gate No 7 does not meet the regulatory requirement.

##Not take some classes/groups for annual Dussehra and other holiday outings ostensibly in reaction to these groups having some children belonging to parents who are in Court challenging SEAS’ illegal shifting of Mirambika.

###Stop parents from entering the school to see/participate in the school functions like the Sports Day in which their children participate.

####Discontinue meetings between teachers ie Diyas and parents to discuss the progress reports of children.

#####Asking parents to be prepared to send packed breakfast and lunch for their children as the canteen / dining facilities will be withdrawn.

WHAT SEAS is NOT understanding is that these measures are only serving to further firm up the resolve of the parents in Court to pursue their grievance more vigorously and as long as possible to obtain justice. SEAS unreasonable actions will also lead to the conflict widening to a point of no return.


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