Court makes Petticoat Joey / SAES eat humble pie on admissions into Mirambika

Great news for the lovers of Mirambika; the Mother’s blessing (and indeed the blessings of late Shri Surendranath Jauhar & late Shri Anil Kumar Jauhar, which Ms Tara Jauhar kept alive till Petticoat Joey inherited the Gaddi solely by virtue of his birth) for it has begun to manifest itself once again despite Petticoat Joey’s machinations. In order to execute his plan to replace Mirambika with an engineering college, faced with legal & peaceful opposition from parents of Mirambika children, he had abused his position as SAES vice-chair to bully the dependant on the Ashram Diyas and influenced others present on Mirambika Management Committee to decide that Mirambika shall take no fresh admissions in 2016-17. With that one devilish stroke, he was going to kill two classes of this wonderful school – one at the entry level and the other passing out – and in this devious way he would have paved the path for the school’s ultimate closure – as more attrition from other in-between classes would have surely followed. Smelling that, it is reported that rats of the KRPD Gang and some other silent killers of Mirambika had recently approached Ms Tara Jauhar for getting their wards admitted into the Mother’s International School, which hastily conducted an entrance exam for these Most Favoured Children of Petticoat Joey’s lackeys. Almost simultaneously, the Vatikans announced  that their kids will leave the school soon. It’ll be good-riddance indeed if they take Petticoat Joey along!

In the presence of DoE officials who have blatantly supported SAES against the parent petitioners even at risk to the lives and limbs of children in a fire safety failed not meant for school unauthorised incomplete building built on encroached public land, in Court today, SAES lawyer was forced to submit that Mirambika Management Committee has decided to reverse its decision of not admitting children for the 2016-17 academic session. By the way, Mirambika Management Committee that made the damned decision in the first place had / has a DoE representative…..but we all know how DoE officials have been hand in glove with SAES / Petticoat Joey in many illegalities committed by the latter. This case must be investigated by the Criminal Bureau of Investigation / CBI to unearth how and for what consideration some DoE officials already under its scanner have damaged Mirambika and perhaps some other schools.

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